All You Need Is Me

Here’s a sneak peek from my photoshoot last weekend with Rio and Bullet the Yorkies. Their dad is a fellow Smiths / Morrissey fan, and we re-created the cover of the Morrissey Years of Refusal album, it was so much fun!  They’re definitely both naturals if I must say so myself, what a rockstar!

morrissey years of refusal


The Most Glamorous Turkey Photos You’ll Ever See!

You are in for a very special treat today! It is with great honor that I present to you photos of Kona the turkey from Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary.  We thought this would be a great way to really get a new, up-close and personal look at the most popular animal in the month of November.  It was very exciting to have Kona in the studio… I bet you’ve seen turkey photos like these!

Kona visited my studio last week for a full out glamour photo shoot. This was his first time in Oakland, and what a time we had! He came all the way from Stockton, and rode comfortably in a large dog crate in the car. I was really surprised how big he was when he came out.

A little about Kona – he is a 5 year old turkey who was rescued from slaughter as a little baby bird. He reigns supreme now at the farm and has lots of other turkey and animal friends. Kona’s the friendliest of the bunch. Harvest Home has a number of rescued turkeys at the sanctuary.


I did notice that at the beginning of our photo shoot, Kona was pretty indifferent about me. By the time our photo shoot ended, he felt more comfortable and even walked over and stood very close to me!


Here is Kona getting placed on set… he wasn’t too sure about this strange place…



Turkey Caruncle

I learned that the skin flap that covers a turkey’s beak is called a SNOOD.  You can’t tell in this photo, but the top tip of Kona’s beak is missing – this is how turkeys are marked before they are killed, similar to how a cat’s ear tip may be clipped off to identify them as feral.

Turkey caruncle

See that puddle of wrinkly skin hanging down Kona’s neck?  His gobbler?  Well, I also learned that this part of a turkey is called a CARUNCLE. That’s right, Car-Uncle.




Turkey’s definitely have dinosaur feet if I do say so myself… right?!

turkey butt

It was really funny when Kona started running away, shake those tail feathers!


turkey beard

Well, this is weird. Ever notice a beard growing out of the middle of a turkey’s chest? Well that is precisely what it’s called. A beard. And it feels like straw. Actually this photo makes his feathers look like wood chips… but they’re pretty soft for feathers.  The beard on the other hand, was course and rough, like horse hair.

turkey feet

turkey face





kira stackhouse

Here I am with Kona, what a big boy! He wouldn’t stay fluffed up for me!